2018 Top 10 IT Issues

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The Remaking of Higher Education

Higher education’s biggest concerns are converging with technology’s greatest capabilities. Evidence is mounting that digital technology is a major differentiator and a key to productivity and success within higher education. The 2018 Top 10 Issues reveal the broader strategic impact of technology on the entire institution.

IT organizations will be focusing on four areas this year:

  • Institutional adaptiveness
  • IT adaptiveness
  • Improved student outcomes
  • Improved decision-making

IT organizations won’t focus on these areas alone. Leaders from across campus are invested collaborators with IT. When information technology brings strategic value, the solutions and the technologies that power them are less important than the people, processes, and culture—which make all the difference in the 2018 Top 10 IT Issues.

Read the EDUCAUSE Review Feature Article


Explore Resources on the Issues

Gain different perspectives from a variety of resources, including an infographic, recommended readings, and interviews with higher education leaders. You can start by watching the quick video summary, or you can dive right into your focus area.


Find Your Focus and Apply the Findings

No matter your area of expertise, you’ll find value in the Top 10 IT Issues. From a general understanding of key trends in higher education to specifics relevant to IT planning, the information in these resources will ensure you focus on what’s important.

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IT Leadership

  • Find advice for addressing each IT Issue in the feature article
  • Share the video to start a conversation with campus executives about IT’s strategic value
  • Explore this guide: Creating a Data-Enabled Institutional Culture


Campus Executives

Campus Leadership

  • See why college and university presidents must view IT as a strategic asset, not just a utility.
  • Read five influential leaders’ views on technology’s contributions to the remaking of higher education
  • Explore this guide: Improving Student Success and Completion Through Data and Predictive Analytics


Enterprise IT

Enterprise IT

  • Read what enterprise IT leaders have to say about the data-related issues
  • Find advice for addressing the data-related issues in the feature article
  • Explore this guide: Improving Data Management and Governance in Higher Education


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Information Security

  • Find out what security leaders have to say about being the #1 issue (again)
  • See why information security made the list of Key Issues in Teaching and Learning
  • Explore this guide: Developing a Risk-Based Security Strategy in Higher Education


Teaching and Learning icon

Teaching and Learning

  • Explore the intersection between the IT and teaching and learning issues
  • See what the Top 10 list says about the future of learning logistics
  • Explore this guide: Improving Student Success and Completion Through Data and Predictive Analytics


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  • Equip your sales teams with market research using the video
  • Understand the issues that relate to your products and services
  • Explore this guide: Creating a Data-Enabled Institutional Culture


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Don’t Put Me In a Box

  • Choose from one of the following overviews of the 2018 Issues:
    • Read the feature article for the full story
    • See the infographic for a mashup of the issues and related data
    • View four practical guides to key themes revealed in the Issues

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