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The popularity of Thai films may still be defeated when compared to Korean-made movies. But it is undeniable that movies from Thailand have their own fans, especially for romantic comedy lovers who are not only entertaining but also heart-touching. Yes, Thailand is well known for making romantic comedy genre films, whether in the form of short films and movies nonton film.

If you want to watch the best romantic comedy from Thailand, consider our some recommendations below!

1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Not much different from Suckseed, the romantic comedy Thai movie titled ‘First Love’ or ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ also elevates the story of high school teenage life. Tells of an ugly girl named Nam (played by Baifern Pimchanok Luevisetpaibul), who fell in love with his handsome senior, Shone (played by Mario Maurer).

Realizing that many beautiful women in her school also love Shone, Nam tries to change everything in her. Starting from the appearance, fashion to his personality so he did not lose from the women and for the Shone choose himself.

Little by little, with the help of his companions Nam turned into a beautiful woman who many contested the boys in his school. Included by a good friend Shone who then expressed love for Nam. Then, what about Shone? Is he also in love with Nam? Eits, the answer you can see yourself in one of the best Thai romantic comedy.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a very popular Thai romantic comedy in Asia, as well as in Indonesia. In fact, the Thai romantic comedy movie one is widely regarded as the best Thai movie according to some critics of Indonesian films.

2. ATM: Er Rak Error

ATM: Er Rak Error is arguably the most popular Thai romantic comedy. Starring Preechaya Pongthananikorn as Jib and Chantavit Dhanasevi as Sua, the Thai film succeeded in gaining high profits during its show and even made its drama series.

Film ATM: Er Rak Error itself tells the story of a bank employee named Sua and Jib who fell in love. However, their relationship is constrained because the office where they work prohibits inter-employee relations. In order for their relationship to stay advanced, inevitably one of them must get out of the company.

To determine who should leave the company, both compete in the task of looking for people who take double the money from the company’s broken ATM. Whoever loses must resign from the company.

Thai movie romantic comedy genre is really exciting because it is loaded with comedy moments are guaranteed to make loud. Like most Thai movies, ATM-Er Rak Error also slipped a touching moment that will make you baper.

3. Suckseed

The first Thai romantic comedy we recommend for you to watch is ‘Suckseed’. The film, starring Jirayu La-ongmanee (as Ped), Patchara Jirathiwat (as Koong) and Thawat Pornrattanaprasert (as Thawat) tells about the friendship and love of Thai students (high school level in Indonesia).

The story focuses on three friends named Ped, Koong and Ex who formed a rock band. They formed the band over Koong’s invitation that did not want to be outdone by his twin brother, Kay who is already very popular among high school girls. The other goal is because they want to attract the attention of the girls in her school.

Unfortunately, the band project that they woke up was not as smooth as they thought, even the music that they stretcher was considered strange by the students at his school. Peak, when Ped and Koong both fell in love with the same woman, the transfer student named Ern (Nattasha Nauljam). Kegalauan in choosing between friendship and romance coloring the journey of those who are trying to achieve his goals.

The story of friendship, ideals and romance makes the movie Suckseed to be one of Thailand’s best romantic comedy films. Not only presents a good story followed, this Thai movie is also guaranteed to make you smile, baper, laugh at once sad at the same time.

4. First Kiss

First Kiss is a romantic Thai film that is also thick with its comedic element. Tells the story of Sa, a 25-year-old girl who vows never to fall in love with a man again. But the unexpected happened, where Sa accidentally kissed with Bass (played by Pichasini Tanwiboon), a man who was still high school. Unfortunately, it was Sa’s first kiss with a man. How is the continuation of the story between Sa and Bass? You can watch it in a romantic comedy called ‘First Kiss’.

5. Bangkok Traffic Love Story

The next Thai romantic comedy recommendation is Bangkok Traffic Love Story. It is a Thai comedy that tells the life of Mei Li (played by Cris Horwang), a woman left behind by a friend.

Mei Lei always meets the handsome man on the train when he goes to work. The meetings that then made them fall in love. Various silly and funny moments scattered throughout the Bangkok Traffic Love Story film, plus the touching moments at the end of the movie and the selection of story settings that show the various objects wissata in the city of Bangkok, obviously making this one Thai movie is very dear to you miss.

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