The smartphone created revolutionary advancements in existing technologies and development processes. Today, the extent of the mobile app development market is large as it encompasses small-scale businesses, leading enterprises, and startups.

Though WordPress was primarily thought of as a blogging platform, it is now used for much more than that, including mobile app development.

In the article below, I will describe why the two worlds work perfectly together.

Why WordPress?

WordPress offers exceptional customization to your mobile app’s layout and many mobile app developers use it as a backend for a mobile app. Being an open source CMS, WordPress supports the easier integration of content not only for your website but for a custom-built mobile app as well.

You can easily find various tools which support this open source platform and enable you to create an interesting mobile app with incredible features. Tools like the REST API make it extremely easy to integrate and customize anything you want.

WordPress is truly customizable and allows you to cater every part of your app to your needs.

Own Your Database

The User Interface of WordPress already has all the tools you need to build a mobile app with the CMS so you don’t need to redefine or rebuild the entire database. In other words, WordPress is the best option to create a highly customized mobile app using your website’s database and server with minimum budget and time.

Because everything you need is easily accessible, you don’t have to build a database from scratch to support the app.

Improved usability

You can conveniently structure the same content from your WordPress website to your cross-compatible mobile application. The best thing is that you never need to recreate content using WordPress CMS for your mobile app development. You can build your mobile app and add the same content for it at the same time.

You can also use premium WordPress themes for mobile app development that are specifically designed for business, non-profit groups or NGOs, and more.

Many app owners face difficulties updating and adding new things directly on their app’s design. With WordPress, you can update features and content without leaving the CMS. Moreover, you can also take over the user control from your mobile app developer by sending push notifications to the app from WordPress.

WordPress for Native App Development

Native apps are advanced and comparably faster than non-native apps. The development cost of native apps depends on making them compatible with multiple operating systems. Therefore, it will be quite pricey for you to get different versions of native apps as developed for specific OS like Android & iOS.

Use WordPress to minimize your expenses and shorten a time-consuming development process. HTML5 is preferably used to build native apps and WordPress goes well with native app development as you can use any framework with this. So, you have WordPress as the best option to develop native apps with minimum capital investment.

Wrapping up

Being an open source CMS, many developers alternatively use WordPress to deliver an extraordinary mobile app businesses of all sizes.

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